Reasons to Avoid Free Pole Barn Blueprints

Free pole barn blueprints are the single most damaging mistake you can make to your barn project. 99% of free plans are not meant for construction, but are an incentive for you to purchase something from the ‘generous’ plan giver’s website. Professionally done pole barn plans are designed by civil engineers with specialized Auto CAD programs and drafters. These plans take many man hours to make and are then tested to ensure their construct-ability. All of this time and effort costs money. Usable, constructable plans simply can not be free, period!

Free plans usually consist of a barely legible, confusing diagram, and that’s about it. The image quality will be so poor that you can barely read it when printed out on a standard 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. Professional pole barn blueprints will include many different, easy to read diagrams that can be plotted at any size you need, a set of step by step instructions, a cut sheet and a materials list. Constructing your own barn couldn’t be easier with plans like these.

With the easy to follow instructions there are no unexpected steps. The materials list ensures you only make one trip to the lumber yard or hardware store and that you purchase the exact amount of materials you need. No more and no less. The materials list ensures that you waste no money on excess materials. The cut sheet shows you exactly how to cut your wood. That way, you use every piece of lumber you have efficiently. The amount of scrap material left over will be minute.