Putting Up A Promotional Video Wall: Using Image Technologies To Benefit Your Business

Photos and other carefully constructed still images can easily capture a person’s attention. The advertising and marketing industries, from several decades back, have always known that an arresting display of colours and a well-composed image can command a person’s attention better than large, unbroken blocks of text can; this is why some of the most successful promotional campaigns have always involved the strategic selection of the right images that inspire emotion and appeal to a consumer’s senses.

If simple photographs can have such a dramatic effect on people, then it would follow that moving images would have an even stronger impact. With today’s consumers constantly connected to mobile devices and online channels that stream a large amount of videos and interactive media, video is becoming one of the most effective promotional tools available today. If you’re searching for a way to grab your audience’s attention in a visually competitive environment, then utilising a video wall may be the best step to take.

Out in the busy world, people are constantly exposed to creative signs and enormous billboards that display a wide range of images. A high quality display of moving images is sure to make your message stand out over the other promotional materials present. Whether you’re inside a busy corporate building, a government facility, or an educational institution, you’ll find a wealth of applications for video walls that can help people receive information, encounter special promotional campaigns, or assist professionals in their work.

Digital signage software can be used to manage promotional systems that showcase retail displays, menu boards, directions, and announcements on simple LCD-based equipment. Even non-technical staff will be able to effectively manage the system because of easy-to-use functions-operators can see a remote view of the screen display through the management console, automate the information displayed by integrating the signage software with other computer systems, change the frequency in which content is displayed, and receive a full report on the impact of the display on sales figures.

Digital signage solutions need not be expensive; most of the hardware and infrastructure involved in setting up a digital display come at a reduced cost. Traditional LCD screens can be creatively integrated with unique effects to display an image across them or to behave as one single screen. Video walls are perfect for large spaces to provide massive visual impact.