Furniture Buying Tips and Six Modern Strategies

You can use the following tips to make sure you get a quality sofa or chair:

Take a seat.
Better and more comfortable furniture, those that are usually bigger sized offers more room in seating space. Don’t hesitate to physically try seating on the chair in the store.

Lift it.
A better chair or sofa contains more raw materials. This includes materials such as springs, frame, and cushions, and will be heavier than a lower quality piece of the same materials.

Inspect the cushions.
Ensure the cushions are neat. It also must have well-defined corners or curves and a secured attached details and buttons.

Check underneath the surface.
Turn and lift the cushions piece over to note its construction. Don’t expect perfection as you look at the raw parts of the furniture but you should get clues about the quality of the work.

Study the details.
Look for better polishing and finishing of the wood parts and welts that are stitched straight.

What about if you want modernize your current living room or sofa sets?

1. Don’t be scared to be bold. Create a background with colour. Try blue on the walls and accents of orange! This opposite approach offers a fresh look that’s easy to change. For a more affordable version of the wallpapered wall, paint the wall blue and add stencilled images in white. Additional accessories in black, white and orange will show how to be bold with the small things.

2. Always remember to practice self-restraint. Coordinate shapes to ensure everything in the room fits a scheme. No matter how hard it is, leave the windows uncovered, limit accessories, and opt for small furniture pieces with straight lines to help the sofa and chair fit into the modern mix. On top of that, the minimalist concept will save a big chunk of your savings, too.

3. Add modern elements such as the glass-top coffee table, silver-framed side chair, and trendy flokati rug. Pieces in style right now give your room the biggest modern design punch. To save on your budget, you can find classic tables at antiques store, and then give the found items a fresh coat of paint. You can also look for vintage pieces at online auction sites, local flea markets, or antiques malls. Some mass retailers also offer new pieces with a mid 20th-century modern look.

4. Layer objects for visual warmth. Use two rugs instead of one and a posse of pillows to make the room feel more comfortable and inviting. A new throw layered over the back of the sofa adds colour and also protects the upholstery.

5. Repeat forms and shapes. A key design strategy of contemporary style comes through repetition. If you have many items with triangles, for example, consider stencilling that pattern on the wall. A series of round vases reflects the dot pattern in the wallpaper. Even a round pillow adopts the circular motif.

6. Add graphic accessories. Budget-smart accents like oranges in a bowl and goldfish in a clear vase, offer instant colour. For interest, use an odd number of items in each colour grouping.