Finding the Right Time Management Equipment for Your Business

What is Time and Attendance Hardware?

Time and attendance hardware are the devices used with a time and attendance management system, most often within the workplace of a business. This equipment is a necessary part of time and attendance systems as they are used to track employee shifts and attendance. Many of these devices serve a dual purpose in that they enhance the overall security of a workplace as well. A time tracking device will record information in regards to an employee’s shift when he or she clocks-in or clocks-out for the day. The data that is recorded in this process will be used to monitor employee attendance and establish employee wages for payroll. When paired with special software, time and attendance equipment will enhance the accuracy and efficiency of the overall process.

Time and Attendance for Your Business

No matter what kind of business you manage, there is an ideal time and attendance system to suit its needs. Listed below are the various types of businesses and the time tracking methods best suited to each.

Factories/Shift Work: If you manage a company that works out of a factory, or a company that runs on shift work, you more than likely have a large number of employees coming and going throughout the day as the shifts change. An ideal time and attendance system for your business is something that focuses more on time and attendance management than high security and something that is easily accessible by all employees. In this case, a timeclock or punchclock system would work best. Some examples of this type of system are:

Barcode: Employees using this system simply scan their barcode (usually found on an ID tag or card) with a barcode reader to clock in and out for their shifts and break times.
Swipe Card: This method, used with a magnetic card reader is simple to use and popular in businesses involving shift work. Employees coming and going through the day simply swipe their card, and all of their data is uploaded into the system.
Yubikey: A yubikey is a USB stick that employees use to log into their computers to start and end their shifts. The yubikey sends time-variant login codes to employees for added security when logging in.

High Corporate: If you run a high corporate office such as a large bank or corporation, you more than likely deal with very important clients and client information. You will want to find a time and attendance system that has a strong emphasis on added security so that when you are tracking your employees’ attendance and shifts, you know that only those intended to be in the office are there. In this instance, a system that uses biometric devices would be ideal for your company. Biometric devices rely on the unique physical traits of the employees who use them as to ensure only those known in the system are granted access to the office. Examples of biometric devices are:

Retinal Scanners: This device records an image of an individual’s retinal pattern and compares it to a previously recorded image in order to confirm the individual’s identity.
Fingerprint Scanners: This device scans the individual’s fingerprint and compares it to a previously scanned image in order to confirm the individual’s identity.
Hand Punch Scanner: This device scans a three-dimensional image of the individual’s entire hand and compares it to a previously scanned image to confirm the individual’s identity. This device is one of the most effective biometric devices.
Voice Recognition Device: This device records a set of words or phrases spoken by an individual and compares the speech patterns to previously recorded sets in order to confirm the identity of the individual.

On-Site/Construction: As a manager or owner of a company that involves on-site repairs, deliveries or even construction, you know that your employees are never generally in one area for too long. The job site is always changing and there is usually little reason to ever come to the head office in a week’s time. In this case, the ideal method of time and attendance would be a mobile one. Through the use of SMS notifications, cloud based software and other mobile applications, your employees can clock in for their shifts while on the go, no matter where the job site is that day. The devices that are best used for mobile time and attendance are: