Shanghai Expo – A Golden Chance For the Hardware Industry

It is known to all that Shanghai Expo is a big issue to our Chinese people and even to people from all over the world. Like the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, this exposition can bring various opportunities for the different industries, especially for the hardware industry because there must be many constructions before this expo. Obviously, all these constructions need many hardware products.

It is estimated that till 2009 the total value of the hardware industry in China will achieve eight hundred billion, among which the export value is about 50.3 billion. During the Shanghai Expo, a lot of venues as well as supporting facilities have to be built, thus, it will obviously provide a golden opportunity for the companies doing the hardware business. Many theme forums about this expo make the companies feel that there are many potential business chances waiting for them.

An expert in this field evaluates that not only the construction projects before the Shanghai Expo, but also the period after will produce a larger commercial scale than the Beijing Olympic Games. Various hardware industries such as the decorative hardware, hardware instruments, automobile instruments, and architectural hardware can have the chance to explore a broader market. Therefore, a lot of hardware companies from the China Hardware Manufacturing Base all come to Shanghai to share this big “business cake”.

Yang Yiqing, the leader of Zhejiang Commerce Association, once said that companies which take part in the Shanghai Expo should bear in mind that except making good use of this platform to present the company images as well as to spread the business, the companies should always combine this expo with companies’ transformation and upgrade. If these companies seize this golden opportunity, their business may come into a higher stage.

Another expert mentions that the hardware industry is facing the problem of changing the development mode and improving the core competence. In order to be competitive in the hardware industry, the hardware companies should go down the path towards the development of high-standard, high-quality, and high-efficiency.

Incorporate Reverse Engineering Applications Directly in Computer Aided Design

A training seminar will show you how to make use of the reverse engineering applications bundled in CAD. Your bare CAD generally already has the RE add-on tool set, so there is no need to buy it elsewhere.

The most advantageous thing about getting your instruction through RE is the personalized training to the precise application you are working with. Your employees do not even have to leave the shop because it can be completed right there and then by the instructor. But more than that, your training is actually more cost effective considering that if your employees are using the FARO reverse engineering, they can quickly implement reverse engineering on the spot.

It is not only FARO that has been making use of the reverse engineering bundle because it has been widely-used by specialized trades since 1985. The application is being used not only by the United States government but also by top private sector industries including Independent Design Consultants and Fortune 500 Corporations.

Alongside being certified at the highest level by the CAD partners, the reverse engineering plug-in is additionally made compatible with every new CAD platforms being released annually. The utilization of the reverse engineering software direct in CAD is made easier if your location already has the necessary hardware. To do this, determine the coordinate measuring machine (CMM) portable size needed to reach the part or the model considering the limitation of the digitizers although this can be fixed with software plug-in’s features. It is most productive to utilize computers with high-end RAM and a high-end graphics card to match or exceed the FARO and RE CAD software requirements.

The integrated software direct in CAD enhances the process of reverse engineering by facilitating the entire process and bypassing the necessity to import data that has been modified. It also removes the need to use a scanning software package, which is often costly and inefficient.