Architectural and Engineering Outsourcing of Building Information Modeling Cuts Costs

Architectural and engineering outsourcing of Building Information Modeling or BIM from the Philippines cuts costs for architectural and engineering firms. This service is usually outsourced from service providers who also provide High Definition Surveying and Point Cloud Conversion services as well as 2D CAD Production Support and 3D Visualization and Imaging, including photorealistic renderings, photomontages and site animations, among other outputs. These service providers use the latest hardware like the Leica Scanstation and the latest software like Point Cloud, Cloudworx and Cyclone from Leica Geosystems, and Revit Architecture, Revit MEP, 3DSMax and AutoCAD of the Autodesk software suite.

In the process of construction for various types of projects, engineers and architects who draw up the building plans have to provide the general contractor and the many subcontractors with separate two dimensional drawings relevant to each of their tasks. Unfortunately, this is where many costly mistakes are rooted. Any error in any of these particular drawings will translate into so many man hours of labor and thousands of dollars in materials that will have to be discarded and redone, doubling the costs.

With Building Information Modeling or BIM, a detailed three dimensional virtual information model is created from the start of the planning process and is added to with documentation of every step of the process. Included in this virtual model are all the properties, quantities and geometric characteristics of all the building components and information on their sources. Also included are the ways in which each of the elements relates to the others. Of course, all these information are interoperable, meaning they can be pulled out and used by any member of the entire construction team. The virtual model therefore facilitates the exchange of information and makes it possible for all users to check for possible errors. Immediate correction is thus made possible even before the error reaches field level.

Building Information Modeling can be done through the Revit Architecture software. The mere fact that the process of drawing and modeling is automated by software already means that common errors that result from manual drawing and modeling are eliminated. Since all project data are interconnected in a single file, there is bidirectional associativity wherein changes entered digitally in any area in the virtual model are automatically reflected in the entire file. This results in efficient content management and project management. Coordination and teamwork are simplified.

Because errors are identified and rectified early on during consultations and meetings, time, effort and money is saved. This has a huge impact on the overall cost of the project.

Added to this is the capability of the software to render information, for instance, on sun position and solar effects to enable architects and engineers to create sustainable designs. The software also produces immediate feedback on the project design, scope, schedule and budget.

DigiScript Philippines, Inc. provides architectural and engineering outsourcing services worldwide for Building Information Modeling or BIM along with 2D CAD Production Support, 3D Visualization and Imaging, and High Definition Surveying and Point Cloud Conversion services.