What Are The Three Most Important Elements Of Construction Logo Images?

Dining table, bed, sofa, fan, light, TV etc makes a place a home which clearly tells us that everything in the world is a perfect combination of various elements. Let me give you one more example; what do you think a computer is made of? It is also a combination of different hardware and software. Same goes with construction logos images. There is a proper plan before commencing the task for creating a corporate identity of a construction company which consists of combining all the relevant ingredients creatively to come up with a perfect dish. These ingredients are considered on the basis of the requirement and relevancy of the nature of a construction business for example; a beautiful house can be shown for companies that build houses. This proper plan of action is then executed to come up with a logo design. A well-defined building development corporate identity would act as a silent representative of the company so it is crucial that it must be designed in a way that depicts the constructive identity of the business. Icons, texts, colors, fonts are the main part of a plan made by the designers which is then implemented for under construction logo. It is the duty of a graphic designer to select the best elements that not only comprehend each other but also the USP of a business where USP is the unique selling proposition. It is the one unique quality of a business that sets it apart from the rest of similar companies. Let’s describe the preceding elements of a perfect corporate identity in detail: Icons used: The construction companies normally associate their logo with their surroundings like trees, rivers, animals to portray their concern over the environment. Moreover, drainage pipes, houses, buildings, workers, roads, bridges etc are also effectively utilized depending on the nature of the work a company does. Colors used: Every color has a meaning which is effectively used to convey a message through the logo. Colors like Red, brown, black, blue, yellow and green are mostly preferred for these corporate identities because they reflect environmental growth, loyalty, trustworthiness etc to the potential clients. Some of these colors are also used in combination to convey the message more effectively in these corporate identities. Typography: Typography that looks constructive in nature are mostly preferred while sometimes it is kept simple as well with no style because it is very important to convey the message in the first glance to the viewers. You will also find abbreviation logotypes with simple and bold typefaces in these corporate identities.

Construction Cameras Help Contractors Differentiate Themselves and Give Owners Peace of Mind

The change in construction materials cost in 2009 has been significant, but the real bottom line change is resulting from increased competition between contractors. Our clients who are owners openly discuss the challenges they have related to the increasing complexity and competition during the bid process. A few years ago a K-12 school construction project had 3-5 bidders, today there are 30 firms competing for the same project. The challenge for owners is to determine which contractors are qualified. The ability for a contractor to demonstrate experience and performance from past projects is crucial to satisfying owners concerns and winning bids.

Perhaps one of the most compelling ways for a contractor to create peace of mind for the owner, and to differentiate themselves from the competition, is to offer them transparency and communication which is guaranteed to be timely, accurate and compelling. Contractors who offer construction camera systems are offering the owner additional service. By demonstrating this level of transparency, efficiency and accountability those contractors have one more way to connect with owners needs which helps to build relationships and win work.

The president of an Atlanta construction company, explains how construction cameras translate to real dollars for them: “Our firm has been using construction cameras to monitor progress on all of our jobsites. In order to keep everyone in the office up to date on each site, we setup monitors to display live images from each project. It’s paid for itself several times over”, says Atlanta construction company president. “A new client who was expanding operations in the southeast interviewed us as part of the bid process. When they awarded us the contract they explained that it was the demonstration of proactive management through the use of live images which was key in their decision.”

Why Implement a Construction Camera:

The old adage that everyone expects more for less rings loud in today’s construction marketplace. Owners who put their projects out to bid are expecting lower prices, higher quality and better service from the contractors that try to compete for their business. One more way to separate yourself from the pack is to proactively include a construction camera service in your bid in order to:

- Keep all team-members up to date on project progress

- Confirm jobsite activities against other reporting methods

- Review daily progress against schedules

- Monitor jobsite weather conditions

- Document as-built conditions

Need for Reliability:

Any system is only as good as the weakest link. For too many corporate purchases, the weakest link can be the initial implementation, or lack thereof. By selecting an easy turnkey solution, you will have a hassle free implementation and carefree maintenance experience.

There are four key parts to a full construction camera system. The camera hardware at the jobsite, the internet connection, the servers where the images are stored and the software. A failure with anyone of these parts creates a failure of the entire system and construction sites are not the friendliest places for electronics. By using a full service construction camera provider you maximize the client’s experience and ensure success while avoiding the problems associated with running the system in house or using security equipment which only has an image quality adequate for a small area.

Once you’ve chosen a full service provider, power is another issue to consider when it comes to reliability. For camera locations without easy access to power, or in urban areas with utility coordination headaches, a well designed solar power stations can ensure reliability and ease of setup. Additionally, implementing solar construction cameras qualifies you for the 30% solar energy tax credits at the federal level as well as other state and local tax credits where available.

As you work on your next bid, or break ground on your next project, consider offering the owner construction cameras as part of the package. It’s an opportunity to gain additional efficiency and show everyone what goes into delivering the type of service and quality your firm offers. As a marketing tool it can be a great differentiator so do your research. Review examples of live construction cameras online. Find a reputable provider who offers a turnkey solution and guarantees their service. Then put the peace of mind that a good construction camera experience provides to work for you.